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Finding it a hassle to endure a long waiting time for blood screenings in hospital? We bring this to the comfort of your free time and to the convenience of your own place.


Mobile Phlebotomy

Our professional and skilled staff will attend to your blood draw for laboratory or hospital analysis with ease and comfort wherever you are either at home or in the office at your convenient time and location.

What is Phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy is the act of drawing or removing blood from your body through various procedures such as arterial sampling, capillary sampling, blood culture collection or venepuncture to obtain a sample for analysis and diagnosis.

The two most common methods are capillary sampling and venepuncture. 

Blood Test
All blood test ordered will be sent to the respective hospitals, clinics or laboratory for testing.

Capillary Sampling

Capillaries are tiny blood vessels near the surface of the skin. By pricking the skin of a finger, heel or other areas, a capillary blood sample can be obtained.

This method is useful for obtaining small amounts of blood or when blood is difficult to obtain such as from infants. It is employed for blood glucose (hypocount) and random cholesterol checks known as Point-of-care Testing (POCT).

It is also a common method for International Normalised Ratio (INR) monitoring for patients who are on Warfarin (a blood thinner).


When a larger sample is needed, blood must be drawn from a vein – usually on the back of a hand or just below the elbow.

Venepuncture is often used to diagnose certain blood disorders like hemochromatosis (too much iron in the blood) or polycythaemia (too much red blood cells).

Others include blood donation, cholesterol screening, obtaining liver and kidney (renal) profiles, and running cancer marker tests.

Ensuring Accuracy

A blood sample can be easily tainted. For example, the touch of a finger to locate a vein before insertion of the needle increases the chance that a specimen may be contaminated. As such, care must be taken at each step in the phlebotomy process to safeguard the quality of the sample and thus prevent laboratory error.

Preciouz Kare abides by World Health Organization guidelines to ensure that our patients stay healthy and uncontaminated by blood borne pathogens like Hepatitis B & C and HIV; also ensuring blood samples remain pure, uncontaminated and fresh when it reaches the laboratory for testing. These are some of the measures our phlebotomist adhere to:

  • Always wear well-fitting gloves
  • Hand hygiene is carried out before and after each patient procedure
  • Arm resting area is disinfected
  • Procedures are only carried out in well-lit areas
  • Instruments such as needles, finger-prick devices, syringes, lancing devices are sterile and single-use only.
  • Tourniquets are cleaned and disinfected daily
  • Patient’s skin is always disinfected at the point of puncture or incision
  • Preciouz Kare abides by World Health Organization guidelines to ensure that our patients stay healthy and uncontaminated by blood borne pathogens.

Home Medicare

Nursing Procedure

Nursing procedures including NGT insertion and replacement, urine catheter change and wound dressing.

Health Screening

A yearly health screening is recommended to keep your health in check.

Preciouz Kare offers basic, advanced and comprehensive packages. Tailor made health screenings can also be arranged.

Health Coaching

Detailed explanation of your results together with valuable health tips and advice provides a total understanding of your health status.

Equipment Rental

Rental of medical equipment subject to availability.

Terms and condition applies.

Food Allergy Testing